Botanically known as Mitragyna speciosa, kratom is a plant that has been used as a herbal medicine in South Asia. This plant has been used as part of traditional medicine to help those who need stimulants and sedatives. It is a recreational drug that often acts as a pain killer as well as medication for diarrhea and other opiate dependence.

Kratom are used in various ways. The leaves can be chewed if fresh or dried hardly makes a difference. Or you can crush the dried leaves in powder form and swallow directly or mix with juice.

This, in a way, will be useful to redefine the taste and make it easier to swallow you. There are countries such as Thailand, where the fresh leaves of this plant are chewed. This is usually because people are the dried leaves chewy. If you want to buy Kratom then you can visit at

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Most people prefer to crush the dried leaves and consume powder form. This makes it easier to swallow than kratom powder can be mixed quickly with juice or sauce for easy consumption.

This particular plant can be used in various forms. It can also be used in the form of tea or can be smoked. If the leaves are boiled for a long time, then it can be used to make a paste as the extract which can be stored for later use.