Solar energy is the energy that we get from sunlight that creates electricity. The electricity produced can be categorized into the power grid or supplement power for using home appliances and the company machines. You can try benefitial solar rebates for your business to get tax credits.

The procedure for conversion calls for a solar energy system, the most important element of that is cells thee solar panels. The theory behind the creation of gear to 'harvest solar power' and change it into usable energy has been exploited by scientists in the 1950s when they were searching for methods to gas space fires. 


Photovoltaic (PV) cells will be the heart of solar power conversion technologies. All these solar panels or PV tiles convert sunlight into fresh energy which may be used in the home and at the office instead of traditional energy resources, which can be generated from fossil fuels that are overburdened. 

Once the sun strikes on the surface of the PV panels, then the silicone does its own function in trapping negatively charged neutrons below a magnetic field. 

The neutrons are then flashed through wires to make an electrical current. By that time, the power is prepared to be exported to the power grid or for conducting appliances, lighting, and office equipment.