Australian wineries are renowned for producing world-class Shiraz and Chardonnay. However, there is much more to this traditional variety in the Australian wine industry. If you take a closer look, you'll see that Australia creates some of the most unique wines in the world.

The key to the diversity of the Australian wine industry is the growing popularity of boutique vineyards. These more modest wineries are usually run by family or friends who are united by their enthusiasm for wine production. Without the big shipping contracts of their more well-known competitors, boutiques could follow their instincts and take more risks to create something truly original. In fact, more and more tourists are walking the big labels searching for boutique wineries in search of wine from several websites such as of that elusive perfect spot.

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Rosemary Chambers Wine in the Victorian Rutherglen region creates wines that are popular in Europe but rare in Australia. A range of more than 30 different types of wine including Kino, Chasselas, and Guai. The largest extract from the family winery is Muscadella, also known as electric in Australia.

The Sevenhill winery in the Clare Valley of South Australia is different from other wineries in Australia. Run by monks from the Church of St. Aloysius nearby who makes mysterious wines along with an unusual selection of white, red and alcoholic beverages. Old favorites like Riesel, Polulon, and Merlot share the main stage with lesser-known wines like Chenin Blanks and Grenache. The winery monks were also adept at mixing wine. 

Wines are traditionally made from grapes, whereas Australian boutique wineries like to break out the laws and regulations. Wineries across the nation have recently initiated to produce wines from a variety of fruits, and the outcomes may shock you.

North Queensland is known for its tropical fruit, so it only makes sense that Paradise Estate Wines switch wines to this exotic delicacy. Banana, coconut, pineapple, and mangosteen add a sweet sorbet flavor to the white variety from Paradise Estate. The delicate red vines are flavored with fruits such as banana, red mango, and pita.