Pool covers are growing in popularity because they are an excellent way to reduce dirt and debris getting into the pool and save hundreds of dollars on unnecessary water bills that prevent evaporation. They're also great for retaining heat and extending the shower season.

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Reducing evaporation is a major advantage of installing pool covers as the average 8 x 4 m open pond loses nearly 45,000 liters of water annually and up to 80,000 liters of water per year if heated year-round.

The highest rate of evaporation occurs when the difference between water and air temperatures is greatest. Surprisingly, this may not happen in the middle of a hot day when the pool is operating as water and air temperatures can get very close at that time.

While the water in the pond can stay warm at night, the air temperature drops significantly, which means a greater temperature difference between air and water and thus greater evaporation.

As is common in most parts of Victoria, our humidity is relatively low. The drier the air, the higher the rate of evaporation. Less evaporation occurs in very humid conditions.

If pond covers are used carefully, up to 95% evaporation of water can be saved, protecting a 40m2 pond from losing 53,200 liters per year. That saves a lot of money on water bills! Even if it rains, all the water will still enter the pool and effectively replenish it.

You'll also see a reduction in chemical costs due to lower chlorine levels and no need for a stabilizer (with the lid always open when you're not swimming) potentially saving hundreds of dollars each year and pool chemistry costs.