Leggings are the essential form of legwear meant for all seasons. They are popular because of their all-weather friendliness. Be it the chilly fall or the scorching summers, a pair of these leg-wears is every girl's wardrobe staple. If you want to buy new leggings, you can browse to https://www.sokimnewyork.com/collections/mulawear to choose one of the best leggings online.


Leggings will tag along with an old fashionista adage "leave something to the imagination" to steer clear of any legging gaffe while rocking the 'no-pants' look!!! Here's a quick look at the dos and don'ts of the trend:-

Dos – Before sporting, a pair of this uber-cool and comfy bottoms, care to know the difference between tights and leggings. Tights are usually very sheer and have a foot whereas leggings are footless and thicker. 

Look absolutely feminine by teaming up your leggings with chic tops, billowing short dresses, miniskirts and very long tops or tunics!

Don'ts– Never ever wear leggings as pants coz they aren't your regular pair of bottoms! They are meant to layer under other pieces. Cropped shirts with leggings are a 'BIG' no-no coz it will give that sheer effect whenever you hit the sun since leggings are usually a bit on the sheer side. 

Do – Do play up with coloured leggings coz they are all the rage right now and they also give you this effortlessly stylish look when teamed up with an oversized tee and cute boots! 

Yet you must be really careful with this 'Do' coz too bright or too tight leggings could have you looking like a grown-up kid!

Don't – If you have a heavy mid-riff, stay away from cropped leggings or the ones that cut higher up at the calves coz they make your calf look bigger! Do consider topping-off your legging ensemble with cute loafers, pumps, boots and sandals to get that punk-rock-chic effect! Stay put from pairing leggings with workout shoes/running shoes unless you want to give. 

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