What Exactly is or are Cooling Roofs?

It is a material built for the purpose of reflecting large proportion of heat coming from the sun. This allows us to enjoy experiencing in the region of around 40 to 60 degrees F during the summer. Using this material results in save on those hefty energy bills, reduce the cost and maintenance of your home, improve the life span of the roof and more.

Are there any Roofing Products that can be used in Residential and Commercial Applications?

Absolutely yes with serving purpose for both. For commercial structures, there are low-budget materials that come in the form of ply and coating materials which can be applied on the roof. While for residential or homes comprising of slopping roofs, concrete tiles and clay are usually used.

What’s the Cost of these Cool Roofs?

The answer to this is a little tricky one. Some cool roof materials are found to be cheaper compared to traditional materials. While there are a few that can go up high enough in the region of additional 20%. However, the good news to this is that you can apply the cool roof materials over and over again about 10 to 15 years. Therefore, it would be wise to get it installed without needing to worry on the same expenditure.

For Energy Efficiency Standards, is it Required for in Residential and Non-residential?

The answer to this is not really. However, many people are finding better experience once a cool roof is installed.

Based on these FAQs, you should consider cooling roof insulation in Melbourne.