If you're living in places where recreational marijuana is legal, you've probably seen ads advertising CBD drops as an alternative to weed. Yes, such products are now legally sold and have shown to be effective. 

Those who use it in cooking often take it with other ingredients such as chocolate, tea or coffee while using CBD oil as a cooking aid can sometimes sound a bit weird to those who are not familiar with this powerful supplement. But it's really not that complicated. 

All it takes is some basic knowledge of what CBD is and how it works. Then, all you need is a couple of bottles, a blender and a little creativity.

The main ingredients you will need to make your own CBD oil are grapeseed oil, fresh pressed grape seed oil and a carrier. The carrier can be just about anything with some alcohol in it. Make sure you use something with the proper PH level. It must also be non-synthetic. And of course, make sure it's fresh, which means it hasn't been sitting in a dark place for a long time. You should only use grapeseed oil, because it's considered the highest quality oil available on the market today.

It has the right combination of essential fatty acids, plant sterols and terpenoids that are crucial to effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity.

Take your grape seed oil and mix it with fresh pressed grape seed oil. You can also use olive oil and coconut oil to prepare your own CBD oils. 

Blend all three oils together until they form a thin, creamy consistency. Allow this to set and then transfer it into a bottle and store it in your refrigerator to keep cold. 

The next step in preparing your CBD oil is to strain the oil so it is easier to pour into a glass bottle to use for drinking, but it can also be used for cooking.