Parties – especially birthdays, weddings, and other special events – are about sharing memories with each other … memories that you can appreciate and save forever. The party planned well, with all the wonderful food and pleasant decor, can end with a decorated support box that contains funny things that are relevant to the event. This will function as memory for your guests and will definitely make the event more memorable.

The boxes are used for packaging which are usually made of cardboard. "Carton" is actually a term that shows the use of materials such as thick and heavy paper. Because of the quality of the material, cardboard boxes can be used in many ways. They can be used to carry heavy loads for transportation, but sometimes they can even be used to load even only small loads, for example, used as a wedding favor box. You can acquire more knowledge about gift cards via

It is important to note that the box that holds its contents is as important as the content itself. This is because if the box is made of lightweight material, it is possible easily distorted or destroyed, especially when transported. Because the cardboard box is made of heavy material, they are ideal not only for supporting boxes, but for any use.

Environmentally friendly cardboard box. They are biodegradable materials and are the best choices when compared to the plastic, we all know, only contribute to non-biodegradable waste. Using a cardboard box will reduce the use of plastic boxes and with one way or another will help the environment. There is also a handmade cardboard produced without using harmful substances. Thus, the wedding favor box made of cardboard is truly environmentally friendly.