BMW service packages are many but all of them are quite unique and provides full customer satisfaction. So, individuals can choose according to their needs.

Once you buy a BMW, you will be covered by BMW service and it doesn’t matter which one of the options you choose, peace of mind is guaranteed. You can also get the best BMW services via

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BMW service costs are now covered by a single, inflation-proof, advance payment to make sure that you have maximum driving pleasure along with satisfaction and peace of mind. There is a choice of the cover level that one can opt for according to their requirements across various BMW range.

BMW’s service packages are comprehensive, flexible, and offer more choices to its customers. BMW service packages last for five years or sixty thousand miles, whichever one reaches first. These service packages also cover all your automobile servicing requirements.

However, there are also some service packages offered by BMW, which also provide additional coverage such as maintenance of brake discs, brake pads, and windscreen wipers. In order to keep your BMW a BMW for years to come, all kinds of maintenance are carried out by technicians, who are qualified and approved by BMW.

These technicians use only genuine BMW parts for replacement having 2 years of unlimited mileage warranty. Moreover, there are numerous authorized BMW workshops across the globe which ensures that whenever there is any problem in your BMW car, just call is enough to help you out.

You can also sell your BMW before the expiry of the BMW service packages because the benefits of the service packages are fully transferable to subsequent buyers. Selling your BMW with existing benefits will enhance the price of your car.