Low back pain is the type most popular back pain, eight out of ten people suffering back pain is lower back pain. This excruciating pain comes from several sources too numerous to mention and it can affect anyone, regardless of age, it was discovered that people aged thirty to fifty are more likely to experience pain in the lower back. If you are looking for the neck pain and lower backpain treatment then you can search many online sources.

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The habit of doing sitting work  cause of back pain. The fact that you do not get involved in a lot of work that lead to pain in the lower back and when you do too much work, you can also develop pain in the lower back. The origin of pain in the lower back may differ from person to Person. But if you experience lower back pain, it will be good to know the source of pain to treat quickly.

The age of an individual, a disc which is broken, the degeneration of the spine, sciatica, heavy lifting, etc. are one of the major sources of pain in the lower back. The important thing to note is that once one of these cause back pain, do not hesitate to treat the disease quickly to avoid complications. Search, conduct a thorough investigation to determine the main sources of back pain and you will be able to get a hold of the situation.