Cleaning technicians use industrial medical devices that thoroughly clean your carpet and remove all dirt and germs from the fiber. The standard for cleaning professional devices is not comparable to other steam cleaning devices.

This equipment ranges from portable engines that can usually be rented by homeowners to truck engines used by professionals. You can also get office carpet cleaning services at

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The equipment installed in the truck is more efficient both in terms of cleanliness and time needed for the process. Thanks to the additional suction strength, the carpet dries faster. Let's look at the whole process of cleaning a steam carpet.

Preparations for preparation

Preparation is the first step in cleaning a steam carpet to remove stubborn stains and dirt. As already mentioned, the chemicals used for pretreatment must be chosen depending on the carpet fabric.

For example, the use of an alkaline solution is recommended for carpets made from synthetic fibers. Similarly, soft acid solutions such as dilute acetic acid can be used for wool fibers.

Preparation on the carpet works with a cleaning machine. And then the hot water extraction device is used to rinse the precondition along with the luggage impurities.

Extraction and drying

The method of cleaning a steam carpet uses a lot of water and hence makes the carpet wet, no matter how strong the suction power of your machine!

Therefore, the final drying process is needed to prevent mold growth and eliminate brownish water stains on your natural wool carpet.

Extraction and drying are two simultaneous processes that can be achieved with a lot of experience and good equipment. Therefore, it is always advisable to hire a good carpet cleaning company.