The fashion world is confusing enough before you come to distinguish between various types of socks. Only a few people will be able to see the difference between the types of clothes and can be really difficult. We will see some differences between the three most common types of socks.


Tight pants is probably the most popular form of socks. Almost every woman wears them at least some time and they have many uses. Tights cover the entire foot and has a closed toe; they also join together and have a gusset. There are many different deniers which is the thickness of tights own. It is made of nylon and suitable for year-round wear. You can browse for buying the best fishnet tights for yourself.

There is also a winter tights thick. It is usually made of wool and much warmer. It is also practical. There is also a fishnet tights not have a nylon tights.


Stockings were a little different for tights because they are not connected at the top. It usually stops at the top of the foot. They will have to be held by a garter belt that can make them fiddly.

Like the tights they are made of nylon and are available in a variety of different deniers. Stockings are often seen as an alternative to tights and usually only suitable for summer wear. They are usually only made of nylon or mesh material. It is usually not possible to buy a variety of thick wool.


Hold-up is very similar to pantyhose because they are not connected to each other. They also stopped at the top of the foot, but you do not have to worry about using suspenders. holdups is held in place by an elastic strap at the top of the foot. This makes them easier than stockings.