Like everyone else, do you also want your business card to stand out? In case you want your business card instead of ending up in a garbage can create a lasting impression, here are some clever ideas to make that happen:

Ask your designer to design a custom business card that matches your brand and business. Get a business card designed with your logo printed along with the visual elements of the text and individuality that is a visual representation of your business. For more information about metal business cards visit

Select a paper that is thick and has a fine "feel." This will make your business card feel more important than many others. Print your business card on softer, smoother, slightly thicker, or perhaps textured paper. You can also choose a document that suits your business identity and reinforces your brand message.

There are many possibilities and ways to use both sides of the card. You can put your slogan or a simple list of business divisions, your services, or information about your products and services. So why not use it efficiently, the back of the business card is already there? To make your card more distinctive, you can also place a picture or image that reinforces your brand.

Make your card more valuable by offering offers/discounts through it. In case you offer some kind of discount or a free consultation too, you can use it as a coupon also for new contacts. For people to keep it for use shortly, you can post your offer on your card.