Even if you don't know what incentivized marketing is, chances are it will become an important part of your company's marketing mix in the next few years. Here are five reasons why:

They will help you compete with the competition and establish a foothold in a new and growing market segment. Your current sales force will be able to develop new leads, grow your client base, and build your brand by taking the program all the way from the beginning. You can benefit from the growth of your business by driving more new customers to your website and building a relationship with those who already buy.

Clients will be delighted with the results. People like to feel as though they are making a difference. This is especially true when they are helping to bring a new customer into your business. All of your existing clients will love the fact that they are being rewarded for their loyalty and commitment to your business.

New business will begin to pour in. Rather than being slow to act or staying with the same old tired business model, you can help them become more satisfied and help them to become members of your community. Your incentive marketing platform can provide incentives to keep them loyal to your business by offering a product or service that directly benefits them.

Your company's reputation and image will take a big hit. If you want to stay in business for a long time, your competitors will use incentives to cause you to sell out your principles. Instead, you can offer something of value for your current customers or new clients that will make them feel that your company values them.

Today's competitive business environment can be difficult to run. Customers are looking for a reason to stick around and have a loyalty to you that extends past the sale. By offering something of value for their business, you can create a trusting relationship that makes it easier for them to return to your site or to recommend your services to others.

Subscriptions and affiliate programs are two of the most powerful ways that you can increase your revenue and build your reputation. If you can offer them something of value for their support, you will attract more loyal customers to your site. The number of customers that will purchase from you will be a direct result of your ability to take an opportunity that requires you to deliver something of value to your customer. It is not just about doing a good job or sending a great product; it is about providing something of value to those who buy from you.

Your website is likely an extension of your company's brand, and it needs to be presented in a way that makes the audience feel like they are really part of your team. It is important that your customers know that your website is truly a part of your business and that your efforts are designed to make them feel at home. You should be using incentives as a way to do just that. Everyone likes to feel like they are making a difference, so it should be easy for you to get them to buy something of value for their attention.

Good value is the key to building a good relationship. Having customers understand that they can buy from you for little effort is one of the best ways to build a relationship. When customers can buy products and services without feeling like they are being pushed, they will continue to buy from you over again.

If you use a strategy that builds trust and loyalty, the costs will be significantly less in the long run, which means that you can offer more value to your customers in a timely manner. If your customers feel like they are working together to make their lives better, the value that they get from you will also be greater.

An incentivized marketing is a good thing when you are going to give something of value to your customers to help make their lives better. When you give customers an incentive for being loyal to your business, it will become a useful tool for you to use for future retention.

As marketers, you should be aware of the fact that market segments are becoming more fragmented. Each day, more businesses are shifting to Internet-based marketing, and more consumers are turning to the Web to find information about their daily lives and their place in the world.