The process of storage tank removal can be a complicated and potentially hazardous activity. Underground and above-ground storage tanks need to be properly handled by companies that specialize in environmental risk management in order to ensure safety not just for the people who live and work in the area, but for the environment as well. You can also look for underground storage tank removal services.

What is the Underground Storage Tank Abandonment Process ยป Geo Forward

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Underground oil tanks, for instance, are an environmental risk because they can pollute soil, groundwater, and contaminate drinking water should a leak occur. In residential areas, it is recommended for homeowners to check the property for buried fuel storage tanks, and to have the tank tested if one is found. Storage tanks can develop potentially hazardous materials or substances.

Bacteria can grow, and the tanks can begin to erode usually due to age and the materials inside. This leads to leakage, which is definitely a health and safety concern for you and your family.

Professional tank management companies that specialize in the removal and installation of underground and above ground tanks can provide the necessary expertise to ensure the safety of the entire process.

Aside from having the proper equipment and manpower to deal with the tank removal or installation, professional environmental risk management firms are also knowledgeable on the legal issues that might affect a storage tank’s removal.

Extensive experience in tank removal and management are also important when hiring the right environmental risk management firm to ensure that the right procedures are followed. Public health and safety must also be assured, as the emitted gases are toxic when inhaled.