Nowadays it has become very easy to find the perfect key store for all big businesses. Additionally, this should be considered when purchasing various essential storage products. It should be checked whether the product requires maintenance and whether they offer a high level of safety or not.

Let's take a closer look at the useful features and other aspects of the new motel keys tags that is on the market.

Key capacity

It is known that this key storage device has a key storage capacity of 100 keys. Equipped with a simple drum lock to provide a high level of security. Modern boxes come with labels and labels in four colors to ensure keys are stored properly. The bolt kit hardware is another feature of this product.

Application area

As noted above, this product is ideal for storing a maximum of 100 keys. They are found used in areas such as hotels or motels, local car dealerships, and small business offices. The security lock allows a high level of security wherever it is used.

Label system

Depending on the application and area of use, there is a label system and two marks with the most important card types. Labeling systems are suitable for small businesses that require fewer keys to process and fewer people to have access. The one-day system is ideal for use in golf courses and small office environments.