The term CPM means cost per 1000 impressions and is a form of advertising on the Internet. An impression is an individual case of advertising on a website. The amount charged per 1000 impressions must be paid to the network so that your ads can appear thousands of times on certain sites or across the network.

This is a very effective form of advertising that can reach the target audience. In CPM ads, you pay not for one click, but for the number of impressions that you buy.

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This ad is the best way to generate income from your website, especially if you have a lot of traffic every day.  Studies show that CPM ads get more attention than ordinary banner ads.

The average time to view text ads is 7 seconds, but 1.6 seconds for image ads. The best resource for CPM ads is the CPM ad network.

As an advertiser, all you need is a CPM network agreement that shows ads on websites with ad space. This saves you the hassle of advertising your products on various print media or conducting ad campaigns.