Snacks are enjoyed by everyone as they take less time to cook than normal foods and even tastier than our regular food. But nowadays, people are concerned with their health and always prefer foods which have low calories and less fat. This is only possible when the method of cooking is different from traditional ones i.e. to use minimum oil and to use high-quality ingredients. To cook healthy and less oily food, air fryers are always preferred as they use very less amount of oil and the quality of food is also very good. So, here are some best air fryer consumer reports, which will help to buy Air fryer with the best quality and features.

Buy air fryer which has a capacity of at least 3.2 quarts. This will allow you to cook food for 5 to 6 people at once which will save time. After cooking food in the Air fryer, almost every fryer needs to get clean so, prefer buying a fryer that has a simple design and is easy to clean. Sometimes while operating a fryer, things become a little irritating as we need to set settings to cook different types of food. So, ask for a fryer that has an auto-cook feature for all kinds of food. Buy Air fryer which comes with at least 1 year of warranty as sometimes there can be a manufacturing defect so, you can get it replaced by showing the warranty card. Lastly, prefer buying fryer which produces less noise because these noises can be annoying.