There is no shortage of products and substances that women should use in their genitals – from essential oils to skin lightening cream – and gynecologists and doctors constantly warn us that these substances can cause irritation or more dire symptoms.

Most women hate the idea of sweating, even though it is a normal part of our bodily functions. To reduce sweating, you can apply baby powder to areas, either under your armpits, under your breasts, or even on your private parts.

Now there is a more serious warning about a common household product: baby powder, also known as talc. Research has been increasing for more than a decade examining talcum powder cancer link.

A study that combined the results of eight research papers on nearly 2,000 women found a 20% to 30% increase in ovarian cancer risk in women who used talc.

Talc is a naturally occurring mineral found in baby powder and other cosmetic and personal care products. It absorbs moisture, reduces friction and prevents rashes.

Parents used them on diapers for babies for years until doctors discouraged them for health reasons. Many adults still use it around the genitals or rectum to prevent burns or sweating. However, there may be a more disturbing effect.

The talc in talcum powder is produced by crushing, drying and grinding the powder extract and contains minerals such as magnesium and silicon. Such products used to contain asbestos (which causes mesothelioma – a rare cancer of the tissue around the lungs).